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Confidence Coaching

Even those of us who have been involved with horses for a long time will have an emotional wobble from time to time. It might be as a result of a fall or some other incident that was traumatic or distressing in some way.


Or it might be that you've had some time out for various reasons and are wanting to get back into it but find your confidence isn't what is was.


Or, you might be a professional and/or competitive rider who struggles with mindset and/or anxiety in relation to performance objectives and goals.


Or, it could be you're experiencing some form of bullying within the the equine industry, at your yard where you keep your horse or in your workplace. 

Or, it could be that things have changed in your life or within you which has altered how you think and feel about riding. You might be experiencing a loss of motivation to ride your horse  or are undecided how you want to progress with your horse.


But what do you do when it doesn't resolve itself and seems to get worse as time progresses?


The best solution is to identify what's causing the problem and then release all the negative emotions and limiting beliefs you have about it.

There could also be an element of lack of self care - an event rider told me that Olympic horse riders were the only athletes she knew who thought they could perform well on a diet of cigarettes and coffee! A fairly damning assessment but very close to the truth in some cases.

There's usually a lesson in there as well, some insight or aha moment which finally allows you to make sense of what's been happening. 


Confidence is restored, which allows enjoyment and pleasure to return .

Additionally, you then may get to realise that all the ambitions and achievements that you previously thought were out of reach suddenly become very attainable!

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