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Stella James

My dream as a child was to have a magical relationship with a horse where we were as one together. 

It's taken me a lifetime to consider myself anywhere close to that ideal. 

I have achieved this through studying and learning not only different aspects of horsemanship but also other modalities and disciplines.


These include NLP, Hypnosis, Huna, classical riding, natural horsemanship, biomechanics, Bowen therapy, yoga & yoga sports science all of which are interwoven to help facilitate the growth and development  of both horse and rider within the relationship.


Most importantly, I have studied and learned about myself; the treasure we seek is found within. 

A large part of who I am comes from the spiritual teachings of Huna and this shows up in the way I live my life and how I interact with both people and horses. 


Inspired by the deeper meaning of 'Aloha', I looked for one word which would describe what I stand for.

The word 'ethical' came to me which is a perfect fit and feels exactly right.

Each letter of the word represents principles and values to live by giving structure and a deeper meaning to the word 'ethical'.


This gives us a way of being in our relationship with the horse and that's what creates the magic.


Horses are excellent teachers and so my journey continues. 


My goal is to help you guide you on your own special and unique journey.

Figo & Farid 2017.jpg

  • Advanced Centre10 Coach

  • EQ Bands Accredited Coach

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Hypnosis Master Practitioner

  • MER (Mental Emotional Release) Master Practitioner

  • Huna Practitioner

  • Equine Bowen Therapist 

  • Yoga Teacher (300 hr)

  • Yoga Sports Science Coach 

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