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Holistic Riding & Stable Management 

I offer holistic riding instruction to individuals on their own horses with focus on balance, alignment and movement within stillness.

My students are in alignment and have a growth mindset, are open to new ideas coupled with a desire to harmonise with the horse.

They are willing to make the change for themselves and/or the horse. They understand the concept of the 'do with' process.

My teaching style is eclectic, drawing on principles of natural horsemanship and classical dressage as well as using a combination of techniques including NLP, Hypnosis and Huna. Additionally, I utilise skills and knowledge gained as a Bowen therapist, yoga teacher, yoga sports coach and from various other modalities.


When the rider is sitting well, with an independent seat and following the horse's movements, then the horse will be able to perform to its full potential and ability, regardless of the discipline undertaken.

"Ask not what your horse can do for you. Ask what you can do for your horse."  Chris Unwin

"To practice equestrian art is to establish a conversation on a higher level with the horse: a dialogue of courtesy and finesse." Nuno Oliviera

"Acceptance of the bit happens in the haunches, not in the mouth." Thomas Ritter

"Any artificial placement of the horse's head must be strictly avoided." Erik F. Herbemann

", it is the rider's first obligation to keep soft and natural those parts of his body with which he feels the horse. if his seat meets this requirement, he will soon feel the movement of the horse's legs and will be able to distinguish each individual one; he will thus have the means at his disposal with which to control them as if they were his own." Gustav Steinbrecht

"Increased body awareness gives you greater awareness of your inner self as well as your surroundings. Changing your habits will cultivate an ability to make clearer choices: A balanced body permits a balanced state of mind." Sally Swift

I also provide stable management sessions for those who are keen to improve their general knowledge particularly with regard to a more holistic way of looking after the health and welfare of horses.

Virtual Riding lessons -

Options: - 

1. Video yourself and send it to me for an honest, sensitive evaluation and critique to help you improve and achieve your goals.

2. Live Zoom session - instruction and feedback in the moment as it happens.

Specialising in :- 

Confidence issues including performance anxiety.

Position Improvement - balance and confidence go hand in hand. 

Achieve better results and harmony leading to more energy and enjoyment for you and your horse.

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