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Equine Biohacking

"The art of hacking your horse's biology using nature's built in mechanisms to stack the cards in their favour in order for them to become the best version of themselves, maximising their biological potential."

Horse are as susceptible to oxidative stress in their body as we are, more so because they are more active.


Despite being 'domesticated', a lot of the things we expect our horses to do stresses them, for example, being taken away from the herd, not being in a herd, travelling, riding, and stabling are just some of them.


This has a detrimental affect on their immune system because it puts them into flight or fight mode, and usually with a horse, its natural instinct is to run.


If it's not allowed to run then the adrenaline will increase causing tension in the body (into fight mode) and rapid breathing. 


All these things cause oxidative stress (an imbalance of the free radicals  to antioxidant ratio) in the body which in turn causes inflammation and other health conditions.


Short term stress creates this response which, in a natural environment as a prey animal, is crucial to survival. 


Long term stress is detrimental and may cause other issues such as health issues, behavioural  problems, all of which add up to an unhappy and unhealthy horse not able to perform to its full potential.

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Five potent synergistically blended herbs (in tablet form) will help your horse to feel an improved health and vitality by improving cellular health.


This combination of herbs activates your horse's genes to create their own antioxidants to help them function at an optimal level.

Horse are more sensitive to herbs than humans and there is no placebo effect.                

For more information, to ask any questions and/or to discuss your requirements, please contact me as I'm happy to have a chat with you.

Testimonial 1

15.3hh TB x Warmblood gelding 15 yrs.

Dose : 1 tablet per day

Before activation: Highly reactive, agitated, a danger to himself and others. Dropped weight and not shedding winter coat fully

After activation: 2 weeks - no longer reactive or agitated. Weight started to come back on. 2/3 months - all weight back on and winter coat shed fully. 

Testimonial 2

15.2 hh gelding, Arab part bred, rescue horse, rising 5 yrs.

Dose: 1 tablet a day 

Before activation: Highly excitable and stressed. Poor appetite

After activation : 4-5 days much calmer, after a few weeks - improved appetite

Testimonial 3 

16 hh Welsh Section D x TB gelding 15 yrs

Dose: 1 tablet a day

Before activation: injury to tendon of front leg and changes to connected internal structures meaning the limiting or elimination of certain activities. General lethargy and clumsy mobility in and around stable environment.

After Activation 3- 4 days Interested in life and more animated in general behaviour.

Agile mobility in and around stable environment.

Steadily improved.

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