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Yoga for Equestrians

Yoga and horse riding complement each other and share lots of parallels. 


Both require inner calm, alignment, stillness, balance, relaxation, focus, suppleness and effective breathing.

The main areas of concern for most riders relate to core stability, and stamina (depending on discipline), flexibility of hips and the lower back, as well as general balance. 


Any lack of balance will highlight confidence issues, as confidence and balance go hand in hand.

If the rider is not in balance with the horse then they will be in survival mode, causing tension, not only in their own body but also in the horse.

Consequently, this will affect the way of going of the horse underneath them. 

I generally work on a private

1:1  basis, designing yoga sequences

and postures to suit the individual. 

This takes into account current

fitness levels, age, current and/or

previous injuries, performance

objectives and anything else

considered relevant.

Sessions are usually up to an hour in length, are interactive and are complementary to any other fitness training being undertaken. 


They are designed to enhance what

the individual is already doing. 


Combining different exercise styles or cross training is very beneficial

with one style complementing another because of using different body parts

and muscle groups

Students are required to provide their own yoga mat and any other accessories required in addition to finding a suitable place for the yoga session. 

Yoga sessions may be facilitated online if circumstances prevent a face to face practice.

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